A model
foreign language school

In the world of the 21st century, new technologies have exponentially increased the potential of human communication at all levels.

Cross-border partnerships between businesses, educational institutions, organisations and governments are formed and develop constantly, creating greater needs for interpersonal communication regardless of people's geographical location. People relocate and travel more and more frequently. Human communication has become more immediate, faster and imperative.

In such an environment, it's not enough to just learn a foreign language - or even several.

The ability to communicate effectively and confidently is a critical factor in the development and professional success of modern-day people.

At the Nikou model foreign language school, we have a clear understanding of the communication needs of the 21st century and have adapted our teaching to meet them.

Our goal is to help shape individuals who can communicate effectively and with confidence on the modern international stage of the 21st century.

Goals and self-awareness

Setting goals for each of our students and creating the appropriate conditions to achieve those goals are key prerequisites for making progress in learning.

At our foreign language school, we get to know each student individually: their strengths and limitations, the way in which they learn best, and their unique personality.

That way, we can support our students at every step and help them overcome any difficulty.

The setting of realistic goals and achieving them through persistent effort helps all of our students to recognize their true potential and to believe in themselves.

Greater self-awareness puts them on the right track to success.

It boosts their self-confidence so that they can communicate effectively.

Developing life skills

Critical thinking, communication, cooperation and creativity are key life skills that help people living in the modern age to grow and achieve professional success.

4Cs: Critical thinking, Communication, Cooperation, Creativity

The development of the 4Cs is an integral part of our teaching methodology, which we adapt appropriately to the age of our students.

Our partners in this endeavour are some of the top publishers in the world, and the best teaching practices already being used globally for decades are the tools that guarantee success.

Our students are not just learning a foreign language -
they are laying the groundwork for their future development as individuals.

We should remember that, while knowledge is essential to a person’s development, no one can get far if they haven’t learned to cooperate and communicate.
Practice practice practice

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Practice is of the utmost importance in learning a foreign language.

In every class, our students are divided into groups of 4 or 5. As they sit around the table, they learn to work together and communicate, even one on one.

As they are forced to speak, they become more and more fluent. Meanwhile, their self-confidence starts to take off.

Simply. Practically. Experientially.

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