I play. I have fun. I learn.

Παιχνίδι, διασκέδαση και μάθηση!

Play, fun
and learning!

What more could anyone want to be happy! Our young friends still live in their storybook world. Only now, they learn as well! This means they are combining learning with something that makes them cheerful and happy! Is there a better way to love to learn?

As if it was
their mother tongue!

The youngsters become familiar with the different sounds in the English language. They listen and speak. We help them learn to speak with the correct pronunciation. All this takes place through play. That way, our young students arrive and leave with enthusiasm and a big smile!

Ακούω και μιλάω
Όμως, το παιχνίδι έχει  και κανόνες.

But games have rules, too.

Knowledge is essential for human development. But you can’t develop without learning to cooperate and communicate. That’s why we make sure that our young friends learn and respect the rules of the game. That way, they learn to work together and communicate with their peers. They learn how to be students.

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