I learn interactively. I learn with pleasure.
I learn correctly.

With the unique Cambridge University Press
Touchstone learning system.

University of Cambridge

Μοντέρνο περιεχόμενο

Current content

Both the language and the way we learn change over time. With content based on everyday, authentic dialogues and texts that are constantly updated to keep up with the times, our adult students are exposed to how modern-day English speakers use the language in a natural setting.

Δρω, Μαθαίνω

I interact  I learn

The engaged interaction of students in the class make the lesson interesting, enjoyable, but mainly effective. One-on-one conversations, group discussions and interaction with the teachers help to create a unique learning experience. The focus is on topics of both general and personal interest.

Blended courses

Blended courses

The combination of printed materials and physical presence in the class on the one hand and access to online lessons and tools on the other helps to further enrich the learning experience. Students also have the ability to learn at a pace that best suits them, at any time of day and from any device.

Έμπειροι καθηγητές

Experienced teachers

There is always an experienced teacher available, either in class or during your online lessons. We don’t just teach. We monitor your progress, we evaluate you and intervene when necessary to strengthen your weak points. This approach ensures well-integrated learning. Nothing is left to chance.

Learning English has never been so interactive, enjoyable and effective.

Touchstone - Real language for lifeUniversity of Cambridge

Touchstone is an innovative method for teaching English that was developed by leading publisher Cambridge University Press. It was designed exclusively for adult learners and covers language levels A1 to B1 (CEFR).

The NIKOU Foreign Language School is committed to offering education of uncompromising excellence and adopts and employs the best-known successful teaching methods in the world.

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