Yes, you can! Because learning is for everyone.

Special classes for individuals with dyslexia.
Using the innovative 'English Sounds Fun' method.

Yes, they can!

Because with the innovative “English Sounds Fun” method, our specially trained teachers and our love for children, our young students with learning difficulties can effectively and systematically learn:


How to recognise and produce sounds

How to read

How to read

How to develop the skills that are essential to learning

How to remember

How to learn

You can exceed
your limits!

It’s amazing to realise how much you can achieve, to discover your talents, to know and exceed your limits, and to get to know yourself better. We get to experience it all the time with our young friends. And it’s what makes us love our work and carry out our task every day with enthusiasm and love.

Μπορείς να ξεπεράσεις τα όριά σου!
Λίγα λόγια για τη μέθοδο  'English Sounds Fun'

About the “English Sounds Fun” method

The ESF method has been designed especially for children with dyslexia by a group of people with dyslexia, experienced English teachers and experts on dyslexia.

With a deep understand of their unique learning needs, it focuses on a multi-sensory method with a phonological and phonemic approach. This helps overcome innate difficulties in reading and writing while developing the skills necessary for learning so that young children learn how to learn!

Classes for children with dyslexia (or other learning difficulties) are designed for children aged 8+. Students completing the 3 books (Ready, Steady, Go) achieve a language level of A1 and A2.

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